Serving your local community

There are many ways you can serve your local community when on holiday in Keswick.
Here, but a few you might want to consider. 

Friends of Keswick DRAFT 1.jpg

Friends of Keswick

Friends of Keswick works in the same way as a coffee shop loyalty card. Visitors sign up for a Friends of Keswick loyalty card and get this stamped when they make a purchase at a participating business. You fill in your card by collecting stamps from different businesses in Keswick signed up to the Friends of Keswick initiative. When the card is full, you can claim a free Friends of Keswick badge from the KTA or Keswick Ministries offices. There will also be a prize draw for all the completed cards.


Make sure to pick up some Lake District Pounds when you are here! It is a fantastic way to support the local region and makes or a wonderful souvenir.


dining out

The restaurants in the town offer a wide selection of meals and price-ranges. When going to a restaurant or cafe, be considerate of the owners by not simply using the venue as a place to have a rest. Consider ordering something for everyone seated in your group. 


PLease keep the noise down

In a small market town like Keswick which relies on tourism, noise can be an issue, at any time of the year. If you visit as part of the Convention, you can make a difference to the noise levels in the neighbourhood, by leaving the venues quietly. Thank you!